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The Timber + Tin Story

The story of Timber + Tin starts with the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers in the early 1850s. These brave settlers took a chance to settle a wild Southern Utah desert. In 1897 after a couple of generations, Elmer Jackson was born. He embodied the spirit of his pioneer ancestors. He was a true cowboy, herding cattle and sheep from an early age. In the 1920's Elmer decided to make Kanab Main Street his home. He, his wife Leah and their newborn son Val, moved into a little White House he built with his own hands. The house became a witness of their dedication to the land and each other. 

As their family expanded so did their homestead. They built a barn in the back of the lot for their horses and milk cows. Elmer became a respected cattleman and mayor of Kanab. After a long life of hard work Elmer passed away in the early 1970's. His wife Leah, the matriarch continued to live in the house for another 20 years. With Grandma Leah there the house remained a refuge and haven for their ever growing family. When grandma Leah passed away in the early 1990's, Elmer and Leah's grandson Lance bought the home. The house, with its rich history, continued to be a sanctuary for the Jackson family. A refuge where stories were shared, and traditions were upheld.

In 2020, Lance Jackson, felt the call to share this cherished property with others. He and his wife Julie renovated the whole property to bring it up to modern standards. In May 2020 they opened their doors to the world. Lance and Julie's vision was to help their new guests find solace and forge their own memories.

Since 2020 they have seen their vision come true. Thousands of visitors have created lasting memories at the property. From mormon pioneers, to ranchers, to hosts, the Jackson Family embodies the "friendly western spirit" that makes Kanab great. 

This property has seen a lot of life, during it's time it has played host to thousands of people from all walks of life, Cattle-Ranchers, Cowboys, Outlaws that rode with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, World War 1 and World War 2 Veterans, Native American Tribal Leaders, Western Movie Stars,  A Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ,  and now YOU! Now it's your turn to write your western adventure story. 

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